Mini toys and HeMan

Aww yes remember the old min old water mini games were you had to make the balls go into the hoop. These were fun, but didn’t last that long due to the plastic breaking making the water leak or the buttons getting stuck.   Now back to the costumes. Most of the Halloween costumes were […]

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Now, my grandma told me her costume but now it’s time to take a look at my Aunt’s costume. My Aunt  was a big fan of the TV show Charlie Brown. So for her Halloween costume she was no other than the messed up charlie brown ghost costume. we even have an image of it […]

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Clowns, clowns, clowns!

You know most of the time here I post things from the 1980s but today we are gonna go even more back in time, to the 1950s. Most of the time my mom and dad are used as references for this blog and stuff but over the 3 day weekend I had I spent time […]

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Tom Petty & Clowns

Before we start I would like to talk about a recent 1980’s sing that died six days ago, Tom Petty. He was great with his music. His content is so good that even up to this day his music is still on the radio, like free fall’ in and American Girl. Not only was the music good […]

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creative minds!

Most of the time in the late 80’s the costumes little kids had was with a plastic mask and a plastic shirt. Most of the time those costumes were for the less creative people. The more creative people would usually would make their own. One of the most common homemade costumes is a prisoner. They […]

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Strawberry short cake

Happy Friday everyone, today we are gonna talk about one of the most common halloween costume, strawberry shortcake. In fact it was so common that my own mom was her for halloween herself. Back in the 1970 – 1980’s every young man, I mean little girls wanted to be a strawberry short cake for halloween. […]

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Hi my name Jacob and I am helping him with his blog. And since I write the blog A period there area big pile of old confiscated phones. They are old phones from the old high school. The writer of this blog  smells like big farts and drinks the sweat from gym socks. He lives […]

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